Gianluca Miniaci is a young man, mysterious, rebellious, kind and lonely, a dark soul, reserved and outgoing at the same time.

Full of contradictions ... like all the boys.

But Gianluca Miniaci is also a young artist ... Painter, actor, singer-songwriter.

And then everything becomes more pronounced, restless ... to interpret.

When Martina Corgnati, critic and art historian asked in an interview how he would describe his artistic work, he replied candid "a white flower dirty blood ... my blood" that in itself should make you understand the character.

Gianluca Miniaci born March 29 in Milan.

Since you remember playing with color as a child, then a teenager coming passions for theater and music.

He studied acting and between the different pieces that take part include "Six characters in search of an author" directed by Franco Zeffirelli.

In London, he founded his first rock band where he performed as a singer-songwriter.

He moved to the United States living between Los Angeles and New York where she discovered street art.

Leave so his mark through writing telling his poems, for the metropolis streets crossing

Back in Italy he enrolled at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan, beginning to paint.

All this before the age of twenty.

Since 2001 works with galleries and museums in a number of international events, such as those at the Grand Palais in Paris, the Fondazione Stelline in Milan or the Museum and University of Hong Kong, which will lead him to affirm his personal and recognizable style.

In 2013 he was chosen to participate in the Biennale to Back2Back-Free Expression, collateral official event of the 55 Venice Biennale.

The artist is the adolescence, that period of full-time highlight and shadow, the first sexual disturbances, the great emotions, love, discovery of their bodies and perception of male and female.

His language has that sensual breath, naive and disturbing at the same time, both when is young and beardless lolite next door, and when it loses in its gardens, in its enchanted forests, loads of nostalgia.

Tells him the art critic Luca Beatrice: "Miniaci chooses the figuration of the road that are a unique way by mixing the freshness illustration with the most cultured painting.

At the sign decided yet gentle kneading natural backgrounds on which float young men and women rather than erotic sensual. Radiographs of rice paper petals assembled in a collage climb to form a romantic and gothic rose.

Many friends artists portrayed by Miniaci as the actor Michael Pitt sulking of The Dreamers, the controversial but intense musician Pete Doherty and Babyshambles, lead singer Eugene Hutz of Gogol Bordello and actor fetish for Madonna, Morgan one of the best Italian voices, Tony Ward painter and model icon, writer Marco Mancassola and the beautiful Violante Placido, true of his painting godmother.

As rock singer is finishing the songs that will be part of his first CD.

Continue writing his first novel, the story of a restless adolescence (... one of his paintings).

Soon it will be ready a collection of his poems with illustrations.

It's a game ... or maybe just an unconscious seduction ... the one that evokes Gianluca Miniaci on us.