March/April: "Retrospettiva" retrospective exhibition in Miart gallery, Milano, Italia



June: “THE BOY”, Mondo Arte gallery, Milan, Italy  For the Milan male fashion week, in collaboration with Boom Models Agency of Marta Drisaldi, Miniaci work with 10 well-known male models, photographing them and creating installations

May/June:”Art is Food, Food is Art”, Grattacielo Pirelli, Milan, Italy

February: “Electric Youth Miami” MIArt Gallery, Miami, Florida USA

January: “Electric Youth Milano” Mondo Arte gallery, Milan, Italy


June 1st/November 24th: 55th Venice Biennale, "Back 2 Back to Biennale-Free Expression", Official collateral event, Venice,Italy. For the first time an event that undoubtedly will be remembered as the most important official exhibition and event happening in Italian Graffiti Writing and Street Art.                                                                                                            

April: SLAM, Grand Palais, Paris, France


September: “Flowers and Thorns”, Stelline Foundation, Milan, Italy.

The art critic Luca Beatrice presents the catalogue of the exhibition "flowers and thorns"

April: SLAM, Grand Palais Paris, France

January: "the garden", Alexandra House, Hong Kong, China Inauguration of his project "the garden", the dimension will be of 3 meters times 15 meters at the prestigious Alexandra House in Hong Kong center


Miniaci Dedicates time to study letterature, acting and music, beetween London, Paris and Milan


December: “Back to Black”, Mondo Arte gallery, Milan, Italy


May: Fiumano Fine Art Gallery, London, UK 

The exhibition is dedicated to the english rock band Babyshambles

May: Gianluca Miniaci+Morgan, HQ Pirelli RE, Milan, Italy. An art event in which the Miniaci's paintings are unite with the notes of the acoustic concert of the songwriter Morgan. From collaborations and friendship blossom many paintings created and dedicated to the musician, that poses for Miniaci and will make him a decadent rock iconic muse. In addition, the work “Marco’s song” will be used as a single cover of “tra 5 minuti”, and “dreaming” is inserted in the booklett of the album “Da A ad A”

February/March: “La stanza di Lolita”, Fabbrica Eos, Milan, Italy

February: “Inconsapevoli seduzioni”, Archivi di Stato, Milan, Italy 


December: “I'm just a boy”, Connoisseur Art Gallery, Hong Kong, China  The gallery edits the catalogue “I’m just a Boy”

October: “The virgin truth”, Archivi di Stato, Milan, Italy  Pianting, music, video installations unite in this “600 courtyard, where in occasion of Miniaci’s exhibition, indie rock band performed live, Lombroso, I Cosi, the guitar player Roberto Dellera, while the dancer and video maker Paolo Rudelli beams special light effects on the porch and on antique columns. Additionally, Miniaci exhibits as a rock songwriter

October: “Marie Antoniette. The last queen” Atelier Gluck, Milan, Italy Important storical exhibition dedicated to the Queen Marie Antoniette. Projections of portraits dedicated to her from great artists of 18* century, as Elisabeth Le Brun, while as the only contemporary artist Miniaci gets chosen for his work   “Teen Queen, homage a Marie Antoniette”, inspired by the young queen

May: “Just Myself ” Connoisseur Art Gallery, Hong Kong, China

March: “look but don’t touch..., Transvisionismo gallery, Castell'Arquato, Italy        

February: “Malice in Wonderland” Connoisseur Art Gallery, Hong Kong, China 


June: “Lolita” Museum and University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China Hong Kong welcomes with curiosity and enthusiasm the young artist, and the exhibition becomes the event of the year. The museum for the occasion edits the catalogue “Lolita”.

February: “Lolita, the dark object of desire”, Cavalli & Nastri, Milan, Italy  For the 50th anniversary of the publication of the novel written by Nabokov “Lolita”, Miniaci recreates the atmosphere narrated by the writer, through his canvas’s, his installations, vintage dresses and accessories a girlish scenography between purity and malice




MiArt Fair, Milan, Italy


Kunstart, Bolzano, Italy. Other than his artistical works Miniaci also presents an installation entitled “home sweet home”, a glass home from which alluring young fellows, that wave hello and kiss the visitors. For the occasion he performs live in concert with his punk band


MiArt 2007, Milan, Italy

Form Art Fair, London, United Kingdom